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- If the participant cannot participate in the event and without cancelling the registration, he can authorize someone else to pick up the Participation KIT. To do this, the participant must download this document, fill it out and sign it. This document must be presented at check-in along with a copy of the identification document used at the registration. We further inform that this copy will be only for control when the KIT is picked-up and will not be in the possession of the organization, being returned to the person in charge of the pick-up.

- The organization may also facilitate the sending of the KIT by postal mail or other means of distribution, upon request by the participant and after paying all the expenses related to postage: (postage pack + postage) plus an administrative fee of € 10,00. This submission will have a deadline of May 31st, 2024. After this date, KIT's are no longer available.




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