Procedures to cancel or defer your registration.

You need to enter in your registration before April the 25th, 2020 and answer the question placed at the end of the form and save.

To defer your registration to MIUT® 2021 (to be held on 17th of April 2021) select YES.

If you choose NO, we will cancel your registration and refund you in 45%.

Registrations with no answer until April the 24th, 2020 will be automatically defered to 2021.

To login in your registration you will need to click on the link below regarding the race in which you are registered and insert the Registration ID and your email address.

Private Zone MIUT 115 km
Private Zone MIUT 85 km
Private Zone MIUT 60 km
Private Zone MIUT 42 km
Private Zone MIUT 16 km