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- Second Phase of Registrations - Lottery

Between October 30th and November 5th, you have the opportunity to enter the lottery draw for 20% of the available slots reserved for this purpose. This registration applies exclusively to races that have reached full capacity by October 30th. Please note that MIUT 42 and MIUT 16 have had their initial registration dates postponed.

Due to the rescheduling of registration for MIUT 42 and MIUT 16 to November 2nd and 3rd, respectively, in the event that these races reach full capacity on their opening day, lottery registrations for these two races will commence on the following day. If they do not sell out on their opening day, registrations will remain open until all available slots are filled, and no lottery draw will take place.

The lottery draw will take place on November 6th, and will be carried out race by race, starting with MIUT 115, then MIUT 85, MIUT 60, (MIUT 42 and finally MIUT 16, if they are also sold out). Those registered in several distances who are selected in one of the races will be excluded from the draw for races with a lower distance.

Those selected in the draw, will receive an email to register and will have to do so no later than November 12th, losing the right to register after this date.

Knowing that sometimes emails are not delivered, ti will be indicated soon, how those registered in the draw can check whether they have been selected or not.

Documents to prepare for the Lottery Registration:

- ITRA ID mandatory for the races:  MIUT 115, MIUT 85 and MIUT 60 (optional for the races MIUT 42 and MIUT 16)


It is possible to register for the draw at more than one distance, but it is not permitted to register at the same distance more than once!

To access the registration form click on the race image you want to register for.

MIUT 115

Button 115 Race


Button 115 Race


Button 115 Race


Button 115 Race


Button 115 Race

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registration for the lottery draw of 200 bibs. registration for the lottery draw of 100 bibs. registration for the lottery draw of 100 bibs. registration for the lottery draw of 160 bibs. registration for the lottery draw of 100 bibs.

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