(around 85 km / 4700 D+)

- Around 500 competitors

itra four  - 4 ITRA points
 Qualifier 100K - UTMB® World Series Qualifier 100K. It does not give Running Stones.
   - Gives points for Circuito Nacional de Trail Ultra da ATRP - Series 100
logo itra nationaleague  - Is part of ITRA National League - Portugal 2023


The departure of the MIUT 85 race will be given at 07:00 (7:00 a.m.) on the 22nd of April 2023, in center of São Vicente towards Lombo da Achada do Til, Ribeira Grande before the arrival at Encumeada, where the route enters the Central mountainous massif, but not before making an incursion to Curral das Freiras, before facing the mythical peaks, Ruivo and Areeiro. From there, the route is mostly downwards, with passages at Chão da Lagoa, Portela, Porto da Cruz, Larano foothpath towards the levada of Caniçal, with a previous passage at Boca do Risco. The final part is along a levada having Machico in sight, with the finish line at the Forum Machico.

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Alert: On this track, the part of the route between Encumeada and Curral das Freiras is different from the one that will be done on the race day, due to the fact that part of the PR is closed for works until mid-2024.

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