MIUT® - Madeira Island Ultra-Trail® 2019

Regulation (v.02.01 – 2019-04-21)

The official set of rules of the event is the Portuguese set of rules. This translation, although as precise as possible, should be considered only as indicative.

1. Conditions of participation

2. Event

3. Registrations

4. Categories and Prizes

5. QUARTZ Event Program

6. Image Rights and Advertising

7. Data Protection

8. Information

1. Conditions of participation

- MIUT® - Madeira Island Ultra-Trail® is a trail-running event organized by Clube de Montanha do Funchal, that takes place on the Island of Madeira, and is made up of four races: MIUT, ULTRA, MARATHON and MINI, all of them in a linear, non-stop format.

1.1. Minimum age for participation in the different races

- To participate in the event athletes must be at least 18 years old in the MINI race and 20 years old to run the remaining races, on the date of 31st of december 2019.

1.2. Runner’s commitments

By registering in MIUT® - Madeira Island Ultra-Trail®, each runner personally agrees to engage in the following:

- I declare that I have read and understood the regulations and ethics of the race (available at www.miutmadeira.com)
- I understand and approve of the conditions of participation which figure in the regulations
- I agree to respect all items of the regulations
- I agree to scrupulously respect and promote the ethic
- I agree to be aware of any medical condition which could concern me and, consequently relieve the organisation of any responsibility for any medical problem which may arise during the event due to any negligence on my part.
- I have read and understood that in the case of a false declaration of qualifying races, not conforming or untrue; the organisation reserves the right to cancel my registration without refunding the rights of engagement.
- After being registered, at no time will I contest the regulation;

1.3. Registration Requirements

- Correctly complete the registration process, on the website indicated by the organization.

- To register in the races MIUT (115km) and ULTRA (85 km) the athlete must have finished a trail-running single stage race between 01-01-2016 and athlete's registration day. 

- For the race MIUT, the participant must have finished a race with a minimum of 4 ITRA points (International Trail-Running Association).

- For the race ULTRA, the participant must have finished a race with a minimum of 2 ITRA points (International Trail-Running Association).

- In the registration process of the races MIUT and ULTRA it is mandatory to choose the race which accomplishes with the requirements.

- Payment of the respective registration fee must be done at the end of the registration process. It must be done by payment card, debit or credit.

- The Medical Questionnaire is mandatory and will be answered online through an appropriate form after your registration is paid. The form will be available for filling in the participant's personal area. As long as the Medical Questionnaire is not answered the participant's registration will appear as "Pending" or "Pendente". Later, if you need to update the Medical Questionnaire please send an email to the Medical team (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) mentioning what you want to update.

- The participant must fill out the Term of responsibility to be delivered in paper format at the time of Check-In at the event center. This document must be downloaded from the official event website.

1.4. Physical conditions

Participants must:

- Be aware of the distance and of the particularities of the race in which they will participate and be sufficiently trained to conclude the race.

- Have acquired, before the race, a real capacity for self-reliance in the mountain, allowing the management of the problems induced by this type of race, particularly in terms of changes in the weather conditions (night, wind, cold, fog, rain or snow), as well as the ability to be autonomous between two check points, not only in food but also in terms of clothing and safety.

-Participants will have to face physical and mental problems resulting from extreme fatigue, digestive problems, joint and muscle pain, etc.

- Be aware that it is not the organization’s role to help an athlete to overcome these problems and that this depends mainly on his ability to adapt to problems arising out of this type of event.

1.5. External aid/personal assistance

- Participants in the races MIUT and ULTRA are allowed to receive external aid, only given by the person who presents the ticket to access the Personal Assistance zone. This ticket will be provided to the participant in the check-in.

- It is expressly forbidden to benefit from services such as, massage, medicine, physiotherapy, nutrition, etc... provided by people which are external to the organization.

- There is no personal assistance for participants in the MARATHON and MINI races.

- All other external aid is strictly forbidden, out of the locations designated by the organization.

- Personal assistance areas will be located before or after mandatory aid stations/control points. These zones will only be signaled and except for one or the other exception they will not have any kind of protection against adverse weather conditions that may occur during the event. Only potable water will be available in these areas.

1.6. Placement of the race bib

- The race bib must be permanently visible throughout the race, i.e. it must be positioned over the clothes, in the area of the chest, abdomen or leg, and cannot be, for any reason, fixed on the back. The name and logo of the sponsors cannot be modified or hidden.

- Only participants with visible race bibs will have access to aid stations/control points.

Failure to observe these rules entails the penalty provided for in article 2.11.

1.7. Sporting rules of conduct

- MIUT® - Madeira Island Ultra-Trail®, is an event that promotes and privileges, above all, fair play.

- It is fundamental that participants help any person in distress and alert the nearest control post or contact the organization.

- The organization reserves itself the right to exclude from the race, even before its start, any participant who through his behaviour conditions the management and/or the proper functioning of the event. If this happens, the athlete will not be reimbursed.

- Anti sporting behaviour will be penalized according to its seriousness, as stipulated in article 2.11.

2. Event

2.1. Presentation of the races/organization

- The Clube de Montanha do Funchal is the organizer of the event named MIUT® - Madeira Island Ultra-Trail®, 11th edition, which will run from the 24th to the 28th of April, 2019 in Madeira Island, with absolute respect for the environment. The 1st edition happened in 2008, and was the first trail running event in the Autonomous Region of Madeira.

- The name MIUT® is a registered trademark belonging to the organizer club.

- Due to logistic reasons MIUT® - Madeira Island Ultra-Trail® is limited to around 2600 participants, for the total of the 4 races, distributed as follows:

MIUT - around 1000 | ULTRA - around 500 | MARATHON - around 650 | MINI - around 450

- MIUT is part of the 2019 calendar of the UTWT - ULTRA-TRAIL® WORLD TOUR.

- The organizing reserves the right to exceed the limit of places to meet its commitments to elite athletes (men with scores above 780 ITRA points and women with scores superior to 650 ITRA points), organization invitations and also with the official sponsors of the event.

- The organization reserves also the right to reduce the number of slots in each race for security reasons or for any other reason that may affect the proper functioning of the event. All changes will be announced in advance on the official website and through social networks.

- The routes of the 4 races of MIUT® - Madeira Island Ultra-Trail® will cross zones belonging to the municipalities of: Porto Moniz, Calheta, Ponta do Sol, Ribeira Brava, São Vicente, Santana, Câmara de Lobos, Funchal, Santa Cruz and Machico.

- The following description is intended to give a general guideline of the routes, but does not specify in detail the routes, as well as, sometimes, makes use of the popular toponymy, and therefore the organization rejects any liability that may arise from reading this.

- The departure of the MIUT race will be given at 00:00 on the 27th of April, in the center of Porto Moniz, traveling, in a first nocturnal phase, by winding footpaths and levadas on the North Coast, towards the plateau of Paúl da Serra – on the Western mountain massif. The first major ascent has a reference point in Fanal. The technical descent to Chão da Ribeira is next and, then, a new long ascent to Estanquinhos. São Vicente is the next passage, before the arrival at Encumeada, where the route enters the Central mountainous massif, but not before making an incursion to Curral das Freiras, before facing the mythical peaks, Ruivo and Areeiro. From there, the route is mostly downwards, with passages at Chão da Lagoa, Poiso and Portela, after which the Funduras mountain offers endless single tracks towards the technical descent that will take participants to the Larano foothpath, towards the levada of Caniçal, with a previous passage at Boca do Risco. The final phase, along a levada, will have the backdrop of the Machico valley, with the finish line at the Forum Machico.

- The departure of the ULTRA race will be given at 07:00 on the 27th of April, in the area of São Vicente, towards the Fajã do Rodrigues levada, covering the remaining itinerary of MIUT®.

- The MARATHON race will start at 11:00 of the 27th of April, in Monte - Funchal, departing towards Chão da Lagoa, passing on the way in Terreiro da Luta, Pico Alto then entering in Parque Ecológico do Funchal till Casa do Burro, then running through the remaining itinerary of the other races.

- The departure of the MINI race will be given at 09:00 on the 27th of April, in the area of Porto da Cruz, towards the Larano foothpath, stepping through the remaining itinerary of the other races.

- For reasons of force majeure, the routes and timetables are susceptible of being changed.

2.2. Program/timetable

2.3. Distance (categorization by distance)/altimetry (positive and negative cumulative ascent/descent)/categorization of difficulty following the Portuguese Trail Running Association (ATRP) norm.



Positive slop

Negative slop

Maximum time


Difficulty degree


115 km

7200 m

7200 m

32 h


Trail Ultra Extra Long



85 km

4700 m

4850 m

25 h

TU – L

Trail Ultra Long



42 km

1700 m

2400 m

11 h

TU – M

Trail Ultra Medium



16 km

375 m

375 m

4 h


Trail Short



2.4. Map/Profile/Route description

- The routes of MIUT® - Madeira Island Ultra-Trail® are mostly composed of paths, trails, footpaths, levadas (irrigation channels), paved forest roads and small stretches of asphalt. The routes use public roads either on-road or off-road, across farms and villages and use service roads that pass through private properties. Therefore the routes will not be closed to the race and participants must take into account the fact that there may be cars, people and animals moving in both directions on the trails.

- The routes sometimes follow some roads and sometimes cross them perpendicularly. The crossing must deserve the utmost care on the part of the participants.

- There will be locations on the paths that will have gates that participants will have to open and close. Whenever a participant encounters a closed gate he should leave it the way he found it, meaning closed.

- The organization will make GPS tracks of the routes of the race. However, signalling placed on the ground will always prevail.

- The organization will mark the route with signalling ribbons (red and white with the inscription MIUT®) with a reflective band and will also use vertical signs. It is imperative to follow the marked paths without taking shortcuts. If a participant doesn’t see any signs for approximately 500 metres, he should go back to find again the respective sign. Common sense should prevail.

2.5. Time limit

- MIUT® - Madeira Island Ultra-Trail® is an event that integrates four single stage races, with a maximum time limit.

- Time barriers are calculated to allow participants to reach the finish line within the time limit imposed, already accounting for the possible stops (rest, supplies, etc.). All the aid stations will have time barriers.

- To be allowed to continue in the race, participants must leave each check point before its closure, otherwise they will be prevented from proceeding and, consequently, will be disqualified.

- Any participant excluded from the race who wishes to continue, can only do so by delivering a portion of the race bib, detachable for this effect, pursuing on his own responsibility and in complete autonomy.

- For reasons of force majeure (weather and/or security), the organization reserves the right to change the time barriers.

2.6. Timing system operation

- An electronic system will be used to control the passage of the athletes on the check points. In each check point there will be an electronic station which shall record the passage of the athletes.

- The race bib of each athlete will have an electronic chip (tag), which will be used for the registration of the passage of the athletes. There will also be another tag on the backpack or similar equipment of the athlete.

- In addition to the electronic control at the aid stations, there will also be an electronic / manual check-in control at security stations that will be placed at some strategic points along the course.

- The starting area will delimited with metal barriers. The participants are obliged to enter in this area using the indicated entrance for chip checking. No athlete can enter the start zone without his chip being checked.

- In the area of departure a clock begins counting at the established time, with or without the presence of the participants. Participants who are not present until 15 minutes after the departure time or that are beyond this period, will be prevented from starting and, as such, will not be classified.

2.7. Check points

- The check points are compulsory passage points and are located in areas outlined by the organization. In each of these controls there will be a responsible person from the organization.

- Not passing in one or more checkpoints will lead to the disqualification of the participant.

- During the race there may be "surprise" check points to ensure full compliance to the route. Their position, obviously, will not be previously posted by the organization.

- Retirements must be done only and exclusively on check points. In the event of an accident or injury by which the participant is immobilized and unable to reach a check point, he must activate the rescue operation, by contacting the organization.

- The contact number of the organization, for emergency purposes, will be printed on the race bib of the participant and should also be recorded in advance in the participant's mobile phone.

- The organization reserves the right to modify at any time the route and position of the check/supply points, without notice. In the event of adverse weather conditions at the start, the start may be delayed by up to two hours, after which period, the race is cancelled. There will be no right to reimbursement.

- During the race, in case of bad weather, and for security reasons, the organization reserves the right to modify the time barriers, or to suspend, reduce, neutralize or stop the race. There will be no right to reimbursement.

2.8. Location of the Aid Stations

- The aid stations will provide participants with food and drink to be consumed on the premises. Although other drinks will be available on site, only water will be provided to fill the tanks and other containers of the participants.

- There will be first aid positioned in all aid stations. It is crucial that participants help any person in distress, alert the nearest control post and/or contact the organization.

- Participants must abide by the decisions of specialized medical personnel.

2.9. Mandatory material/material checks

- Upon Check-In, participants will have to present their backpack, or similar equipment, which will be used in the race. This equipment will be tagged with a label required for registration at the finishing time.

- During the competition, all participants must have all of the mandatory material. At any time during the race, the directors or heads of a control point can verify this. The participant will have to accept these inspections peacefully, without question, under penalty of being excluded from the race, according to the list of penalties in article 2.11.

- The first 5 (five) athletes overall, male and female, of all the races will be compulsorily inspected after completion of race.


Mandatory material





Race bib (provided by the organization) – to be placed in the chest abdomen or leg of the athlete and visible during the entire race





Backpack or similar equipment





Water tank or equivalent of 1 litre capacity, minimum





Thermal blanket (min. 100 x 200 cm)





Elastic band or bandage (min. 100 x 6 cm)





Waterproof jacket





Phone operational to receive and make calls





Food reserve










Drinking cup (the organization will not supply cups)





2 Flashlights/Headlamps, with replacement batteries




1 Flashlight/Headlamp, with replacement batteries




Red tail light (flasher) – to be placed on the back of the athlete, lit during the night.





Strongly recommended material (optional)

Walking poles

Long trousers, that at least cover the knee

Waste holder, integrated or not in the bag



Change of clothes


Cash amount (to deal with any complications)


- Any participant who starts the competition with poles, will have to transport them to the finish line. It is expressly forbidden to have access to or abandon the poles anywhere on the course.

- For safety reasons, it is recommended that participants make a verification of their equipment, in order to make sure it is in perfect conditions for the race.

2.10. Information about road traffic

- Since road traffic will not be closed for the event, participants must comply with the traffic regulations in cities and public roads, as well as respecting the agricultural areas and private homes, under penalty of having to assume potential damages and damages resulting from their failure to comply with this rules.

2.11. Penalties/disqualification

- The directors of the race and the heads of each control point are responsible for the application of the rules and regulations governing the event, and are permitted to apply the penalties and disqualifications set out in the table below.

INFRACTION (from the most for the least serious)


Not assisting a participant that is in need of help

Disqualification and eradication of future events

Abandoning the race without notifying the organization

Disqualification and eradication of future events

Sharing the race bib with someone else during part or all of the route

Disqualification and eradication of future events

Using paths other than those indicated for the race, intentionally cutting the route

Disqualification and eradication of future events

Using unauthorized transportation (ride)

Disqualification and eradication of future events

Serious miss respect towards the organization or other participant (assault or insult)

Disqualification and eradication of future events

Removal of signs marking the route

Disqualification and eradication of future events


Disqualification and eradication of future events

Disobeying safety measures indicated by the organization and associated entities


Refusal to submit to medical examinations/evaluations


Refuse the submission of required material when requested by the organization. Disqualification

Not having the following mandatory material: peitoral; backpack or similar equipment; Water tank or equivalent of at least 1 liter capacity; Thermal blanket (min 100x200 cm); whistle; raincoat; Operating phone and 2 flashlights / headlamp with replacement batteries (MIUT and ULTRA) / 1 flashlight / front with replacement batteries (MARATHON).



Exceeding the time limit at check points with a time barrier


Fail to pass at one or more check points


Loss of the control chip and/or of the tag on the backpack or similar


Asking for help without substantiated need


Making animals accompany a participant


Littering the ground and/or damage to the surroundings


Have access or abandon the poles in any part of the course between departure and arrival. Disqualification
Do not have the following mandatory material: have only 1 flashlight / front; Elastic band or ligature (min 100x6 cm); Reserve power; Cup and red tail light (flasher). 1 hour penalty for each missing item

Use of paths other than those indicated for the race as long as they do not represent intentional shortcuts

1 hour penalty

Receiving external aid outside the areas defined by the organization

30 minutes penalty

Be accompanied by persons not accredited by the organization, except in the areas defined by the organization

1 hour penalty

Modify, bend or hide the advertising materials

1 hour penalty

Flashlight/Headlight and/or rear light shut off overnight

1 hour penalty

Race bib not visible

Penalty of 15 minutes


- The race Director based on his own judgment is empowered to disqualify or disallow the permanence in the race of those competitors that at any point configure any of the following cases:

* Physical or mental health problems.

* Abuse or wilful violation of this regulations.

* Unsportsmanlike conduct.

* Excessive Ingestion of alcohol.

* Participation in the race under the influence of hallucinogenic drugs.

* Gross disregard for laws, religions and customs.

* Gross disrespect for the environment (includes purposely throwing down energy bar wrappers or other materials).

* Gross disregard for traffic rules.

2.12. Responsibilities to the athlete/participant

- Registered participants in MIUT® - Madeira Island Ultra-Trail® accept to participate voluntarily and under their own responsibility in the competition. Therefore they agree not to claim or require the organization, employees, officials, sponsors and other participants of any responsibility to them and their heirs, in everything that exceeds the coverage of their, the employees and participants, responsibilities.

2.13. Sports insurance

- The organization subscribes a civil liability and personal injury insurance for the duration of the race. This insurance guarantees the coverage of their responsibilities, to those of its employees and participants.

- In case of accident, the participant must, firstly, contact the organization, which will provide his transportation to the most appropriate medical institution for his state of health, along with the insurance claim form with the respective policy number, stamped and signed by the organization (insurance holder). Sometimes, in view of the urgency/severity of some accidents, it becomes impossible to arrange the insurance claim form. In those circumstances, the participation of the sinister can be made after first aid is completed.

- The claim must be done to the insurer for up to eight business days after the date of the accident. After this date, the insurer reserves the right not to accept such participation.

- Any document related to an expense claim whose insurance claim was already participated, will be paid in advance by the respective victim and its originals sent to the insurer for later reimbursement.

- The organization will not assume expense claims of which it did not become aware in a timely manner to activate the insurance.

- All expenses are paid by the victim and then reimbursed by the insurer in accordance with the insurance coverage, that is, if the insurance participation is duly made and accepted by the insurer.

- Coverages and Personal Accident Insurance Franchise:

  • Death by Accident: € 28.530,00;
  • Permanent Disability by Accident: € 28.530,00 (Allowance 10%)
  • Accident Treatment Expenses: € 4.590,00 (Allowance: € 60.00 / person)
  • Funeral expenses: € 2,290.00
  • Expenses concernerd with rescue, search, victim transportation: € 1,000.00
  • Age Limit: 75 years

NOTE: Expenses whose amounts exceed the amounts indicated above, the difference is only and exclusively supported by the victim. The organization declines any liability in this regard.

3. Registrations

3.1. Registration process (webpage, payment)

- The web page www.miutmadeira.com will have a link to the registrations plataform. Only registrations done on this plataform will be accepted.

- Each participant must correctly fill the registration form and pay the corresponding value, being the participant responsible for the accuracy of his data.

- The organization is not responsible for eventual liability refusals by the insurance company(ies) due to incorrect information introduced on the registration form by the participant.

- Payment must be done by payment card, debit or credit.

- After confirmation of payment, the name of the athlete will appear on the entry list.

- Entries from athletes who are punished by their respective federations due to sanctions imposed in the wake of anti-doping controls will not be accepted.

- It is mandatory to answer the Medical Questionnaire. As long as the Medical Questionnaire is not answered the participant's registration will appear as "Pending" or "Pendente".

- It is mandatory to answer the MIUT® Economical Impact Questionnaire that will be sent to all participants during April 2019. The questionnaire should be answered by April 23, 2019.

- The sucessful payment of the registration fee guarantees a place.

- Any further clarification should be requested by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

3.2. Fees and periods of registration

- The registration period will take place between October 27th, 2018 and February 28th, 2019 (if they are not sold out).

- Registration fees are as follows:


27/10/2018 to 31/12/2018

01/01/2019 to 31/01/2019

01/02/2019 to 28/02/2019


115,00 €

130,00 €

150,00 €


90,00 €

105,00 €

125,00 €


50,00 €

60,00 €

75,00 €


25,00 €

35,00 €

50,00 €


- Refund fee (guarantee of refund if in the required conditions and deadlines):

- MIUT: 15,00 €
- ULTRA: 12,00 €
- MARATHON: 9,00 €
- MINI: 6,00 €

3.3. Change of Race and Registraion Cancelation

- No requests will be accepted over the phone.

- The organization will not proceed with the "freezing" of registrations for future editions.

3.3.1 Change of Race

- After February 28th, 2019, changes are not permitted.

- It is allowed to change to another race, if there are still available places in that race. The change has an administrative fee of € 10.00.

- If the change is for a race with a higher registration fee, the change will be subject to the payment of the difference in values at the date of the change. If the change is to a race with a lower registration fee, there will be no refund of the difference, but the runner must pay the administrative fee of € 10,00.

3.3.2 Registration Cancelation

- The participant may at any time request the cancellation of it's registration.

- In case of having paid the refund tax at the time of enrollment, the participant may be reimbursed under the following conditions:

until January 10th, 2019

80% of the fee will be refund

From January 11th to February 10th, 2019

70% of the fee will be refund

From February 11th to Mars 10th, 2019

60% of the fee will be refund

From March 11th to March 31st, 2019 50% of the fee will be refund
From April 1st to April 23rd, 2019 40% of the fee will be refund during the month following the race, with the presentation of the medical certificate dated from the period in question.

- To request a refund, you have to download the corresponding cancelation form available on the website, fill it out and send to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (a refund will be made to the payment card used in the registration).

- When canceling the registration, the participant is no longer entitled to receive the participation kit.

- If the event is cancelled for reasons beyond the control of the organization before the deadline of registration, participants will be entitled to reimbursement at a certain percentage calculated by the organization to cover expenses supported until then to organize the event.

3.4. Material included with the inscription

- Custom race bib with integrated chip or similar;

- Tag label to be placed on the backpack or similar;

- Spare bag;

- Technical souvenir  .

- Race Guide - A guide of the event will be made available in digital format. The guide includes practical information, such as: route, slopes, time barriers, check and supply points, etc.

- Finisher Medal only for those who finish the race in which they are registered.

- Certificate of participation (digital, to be downloaded later on the event’s official website).

3.5. Event Center (Check-In)/times and locations

3.5.1 – The event center will be at the Forum Machico building in Machico, and will be open for check-in during following hours.

Wednesday, 24th of April

10h to 22h

Thursday, 25th of April

10h to 22h

Friday, 26th of April

10h to 20h

3.5.2 - For Check-In, participants must present the following documents/material:

- Identification card or passport used at the registration process.

- Term of responsibility (in paper form, completed and signed by the participant).

- Backpack or similar equipment that will be used in the race (runners are not allowed to change backpack or similar equipment during the race). On this equipment will be placed a tag/label required for registration of the arrival time.

3.5.3 - Face-to-face check-in
- The check-in must be done by the participant.
- Participants who are unable to check in within the scheduled time on April 26 for the reason of late arrival to Madeira may do so later by simply sending an email to the organization requesting for late check-in due to late arrival (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

3.5.4 - Participant Kit Collected by Third Parties
- In case the participant can not participate in the event and without canceling the registration, the participant may authorize someone else to pick up the participation kit. To do this you will need to download the form from the official website, fill it in and sign. This document must be presented at check-in along with a copy of the identification document used in the application.

3.6. Services provided

3.6.1 – Services included in the registration fee

- Solid and liquid supplies, while in competition, in the posts marked as aid stations.

- Medical Assistance in all aid stations and at the finish.

- Transport from Machico to the start of your race (At the check-in you will be asked if you need transport to the start).

- Transport from an aid station to the finish, in case of retirement or being stopped by the organization from continuing on the race.

- Meal on the finish line.

- Massage at the end of the race.

- Shower.

3.6.2 – Other services (optional)

- Party Pasta - Dinner on Thursday, April 25th. This meal can be acquired at the time of registration (6 €) or by acquiring it at MIUT's store in the Expo Tent (10 €).

3.7 - Solidarity and Health Bib's

3.7.1 - Solidarity Bib

- The solidarity bib guarantees a place in any of the races of MIUT® 2019, even if the inscriptions are sold out. Those interested in obtaining a solidarity bib must donate to one of the under organizations a donation of 250.00 € (euros).

- The donation process is carried out directly with the organization of the choice of the participant. Subsequently the organization will send to MIUT® the data of the person who made the donation. After receiving the data, an email will be sent to the person with the procedures for enrolling in one of the MIUT® races.

Important: Registration through solidarity bib follows the same rules of a normal registration (qualification points, registration fees (first phase fee), reimbursement, transfer, etc ...).

- The number of solidarity bib's available per organization is four (4). The deadline for acquisition of a solidarity bib will be February 28, 2019, if not sold out before.

Ajuda A Alimentar Cães (Help Feed Animals) 
Associação Humanitária de Bombeiros Voluntários Madeirenses (Madeirean Volunteers Fireguards Humanitary Association)
Casa - Centro de Apoio ao Sem Abrigo (Homeless Support Center)
 Delegação da Madeira da Alzheimer Portugal (Madeira Delegation of Alzheimer Portugal) 
- Associação dos Amigos do Parque Ecológico do Funchal (Friends Association of Funchal Ecological Park)
- Associação de Paralisia Cerebral da Madeira (Association of Cerebral Palsy of Madeira)

- Those interested in a solidarity bib should send email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to express their interest. MIUT® will then send you the data of the desired entity.

3.7.2 - Health Bib

The health bib guarantees a place in any of the races of MIUT® 2019, even if the registrations are sold out. Those interested in obtaining a health bib must donate to Ultra Sport Science a donation of 250.00 €

- The donation process is carried out directly with the organization. Subsequently the organization will send to MIUT® the data of the person who made the donation. After receiving the data from the organization, an email will be sent to the person with the procedures for enrolling in one of the MIUT® races.

Important: Registration through solidarity bib follows the same rules of a normal registration (qualification points, registration fees (first phase fee), reimbursement, transfer, etc ...).

- The number of health bib's available per organization is twelve (12). The deadline for acquisition of a health bib will be February 28, 2019.

- Those interested in a health bib should send email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to express their interest. MIUT® will then send you the data Ultra Sports Science.

3.8 - Travel Bib

You can guarantee a bib for MIUT® 2019, even if the registrations have been sold out, by purchasing an accommodation package for at least 5 nights through the official travel agency of the event.

The amount of travel bib's available is thirty (30). The deadline for purchasing a travel bib is February 28, 2019.

Those interested in a travel bib should enter the code "MIUTBIBTRAVEL2019" in the field "other information" on the accommodation packages reservation form.

Once the accommodation package has been paid to the travel agent, the travel agent will send MIUT® the details of the person who made the payment. After receiving the data, an email will be sent to the person with the procedures for enrolling in one of the MIUT® races.

Important: The registration via travel bib obeys the same rules of a normal registration (qualification points, registration fees (first phase fee), reimbursement, transfer, etc ...).

4. Categories and Prizes

4.1. Place, date and time of the delivery of prizes

- Delivery of prizes will take place in Forum Machico on Sunday, 28th of April, at 11:30 for the races MARATHON and MINI and 12:30 for the races MIUT and ULTRA.

Categories and awards:

- The four different races will be won by the competitors who earn the lowest time at the end of the race, added that they are the appropriate penalties, if any.

- For the four races, only those participants who pass through all check points and cut the finish line within the stipulated time shall be classified.

- The team classification will be taken by adding the scores of the three best athletes of each team.

- There will be no prize money.

- The presence of the winners is mandatory at the awards ceremony.

- The organization can facilitate the sending of trophies, prizes, or other elements by postal mail or other means of distribution, upon request by the participant and after paying all the expenses inherent with shipment (postage box and postage) plus an administrative fee of € 5.00.

- For each race there will be an individual female and male classification, a classification by category and a team classification, as follows:





Trophies for the first 10

Trophies for the first 10

All categories

Medals for the first 3

Medals for the first 3


Trophies for the first 3 teams

Trophies for the first 3 teams






Trophies for the first 3

Trophies for the first 3

All categories

Medals for the first 3

Medals for the first 3


Trophy for the first team

Trophy for the first team





General and categories

Medals for the first 3

Medals for the first 3


Trophy for the first team

Trophy for the first team


4.2. Definition of age/sex categories, individual and teams

- The categories will be set automatically according to the data provided by the participants at the time of registration, and with reference to their age on the 31st of December 2019 (without prejudice to Article 1.1).

- For the team classification, a team must be composed of 3 members of the same sex.


- Juniors M/F – 18 to 19 years old (only for the MINI race)

- Sub-23 M/F – between 20 and 22 years old

- Seniors M/F – between 23 and 39 years old

- Vet. M40/F40 – between 40 and 44 years old

- Vet. M45/F45 – between 45 and 49 years old

- Vet. M50/F50 – between 50 and 54 years old

- Vet. M55/F55 – between 55 and 59 years old

- Vet. M60/F60 – over 60 years old

4.3. Deadline for complaints about the classifications

- Any and all claims must be placed in writing and forwarded to the Director of the event, accompanied by a deposit of € 50,00 (non-refundable if the complaint is rejected) until two hours after the arrival of the participant in question. The complaint must include the name of the complainant, their Identification card or Passport number, name(s) of participant(s) affected, race bib number(s) and alleged motives. Provisional classifications can also be the target of a complaint, up to 30 minutes after their publication.

- The jury, which will consider the complaint, is composed of the Director of the event, presiding, by the President or Vice-President of the organizing club and by a person of recognized merit in the area of Trail Running. The list of the members of the Jury will be posted at the secretariat before the start of the competition.

- The jury shall decide on the complaints before posting the official results.

- Participants have a one-week deadline for the submission of complaints about the classifications.

5. QUARTZ Event Program

The Organization of MIUT® - Madeira Island Ultra-Trail® has decided to set up the QUARTZ Event program to protect your health and contribute to doping-free sport. The QUARTZ Event program is open to all participants. It has neither the vocation nor the competence to replace anti-doping rules but aims to strengthen the medical supervision before, during and after the competition. The QUARTZ Event program is carried out in collaboration with the International Trail Running Association (ITRA), Athletes For Transparency association (AFT) and Ultra Sports Science Foundation (USS). It is managed by a Medical commission solely composed of doctors. This Medical commission can take advice from experts of its choice and specifically give a consultative advice to the race direction on the medical condition of participants. This Medical commission can go as far as to suggest to the race direction that a participant should be excluded from competition for health reasons.

Each participant in the race MIUT agrees to:

1. Declare to the Medical commission the following medical information:

  • Any medical history and/or pathology, in particular those which may increase risks during the practice of a sport.
  • The use of regular treatments or medication or dietary supplements at least during the 30 days prior to the start of the competition.
  • Request or use of a substance or method subject to a Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUE)

2. Provide all urinary and/or blood and/or hair and/or salivary samples required from 30 days before the competition and up to 15 days after the competition and also consent to the associated analysis of these samples, on the understanding that the costs for sampling and analyses are covered directly by the Organization.

3. Accept not to participate in the competition if glucocorticoids have been used, without any relation to the mode of administration and therefore the presence or not of a TUE, within the 7 days before the start of the competition. The use of glucocorticoids may be identified in the context of the analysis carried out, either from a direct dosage or in the case of an abnormally low cortisol.

4. Accept to answer any meeting request on site or remotely (phone or videoconference) that the Medical commission may ask for in order to discuss their ability or not, to participate in the competition.
5. Submit any doping control form completed within 30 days before the start of the competition and up to 15 days after the competition. Each form must be legible.

6. Accept the use, for the only purpose of research and in a strictly anonymous way, of data concerning him. Each participant has a right of access, rectification and opposition to data concerning him. The Medical commission is the authority with which the participant can exercise this right.

The declaration of medical information to the Medical commission is done through the ITRA health space for which each participant has access after having created a free runner account on the ITRA website: http://www.itra.run. The declared medical information is only accessible by the doctors of the Medical commission, the designated experts as well as to the medical team during an eventual care during the competition.

Any unreasonable breach, refusal, or transmission of erroneous information in connection with the QUARTZ Event program can result in the exclusion of the participant from the competition or being downgraded after the competition.

6. Image Rights and Advertising

- The participant renounces his image rights during the course of the event, and also waives the right to complain about the use of his image by both the organization and the official partners of the event. Only the organization can pass this image right to the Media via an accredited or licensed license.

- MIUT® is a registered trademark. The organizer reserves the exclusive right to exploit the image of MIUT® - Madeira Island Ultra-Trail® and photographic and journalistic audiovisuals of the event. Any advertising project or media produced for publication must obtain the prior authorization of the organization.

- There will be accreditation of journalists, photographers and audiovisuals, which grants them access to restricted places.

- The use of publicity material provided by the organization (pectoral, stickers, etc.) is compulsory. Modifying, folding or hiding advertising material will be penalized.

7. Data Protection

- The data of the participants listed on the registration form shall be registered by the organization for the purposes of the event in particular processing of insurance, registration lists, news and standings. All participants may exercise their right of access, rectification or cancellation of their personal data by sending an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

- In the case of a participant being associated with ATRP – Trail Running Association of Portugal, the registration process requires the permission that his data be transmitted for the purpose of drawing up the standings, statistics and event evaluation, procedures which will be carried out by that Association.

8. Information

Notes and changes

Drop Bag for change of clothes and/or other possessions

A drop bag for changing clothes and / or other items will be provided to the participants in the MIUT and ULTRA races, which will be sent to the control, which will be located approximately midway through the race and later to the finish line. For the MARATHON and MINI races this bag will be sent directly to the finish line (arrival). Participants will deliver the bag at the departure zone, which will be returned to them in the arrival zone upon presentation of the bib. However, the bag will only be delivered on the last day of the event, at the time set in the program of the event. It may be lifted before, if it is already in the bag collection area.

- It is not permitted to put walking poles inside the bag.

- The organization does not accept any liability over the content of the bag.

- The organization does not transport any other bag beyond the one which will be provided by the organization.

- If you do not pick up the bag, the organization can facilitate its sending by post or other means of distribution, upon request by the participant and after paying all the expenses related to be said postage: (postage pack + postage) plus one administrative fee of € 5,00. This submission will have a deadline of May 31, 2019. After this date, material that is in good condition will be donated, otherwise it will be throwed away.


- These rules may be edited, changed or improved at any time by the organizer, without prior notice until October, 26th 2018. Each time this Regulation is modified, it will be indicated in the line reserved for the version of the document and its date, eg: (Regulation (v.01.01 - 2018-08-25)).


- The Jury shall decide on all matters related to the event that have not been subject to regulation or on misinterpretations of these regulations.


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